Northern Closed 2018 new requirements. Please note that all games synchro is now mixed gender.

Northern Closed 2016

2016-10-01 & 2016-10-02 Stockton Results (xls) Photos (use password ‘joanne’)

NDP Qualifier 1

2016-11-06 Wansbeck Entry form Results (xls)

Regional Schools 2016

2016-12-03 Stockton Entry form Results (xls) Zonal schools entry form

NDP Qualifier 2

2017-01-29 Bishop Barrington School Entry Form Results (xls)

Team Finals Qualifier

2017-03-12 Wansbeck LC Timetable
TRI & R&C v2

National Schools Finals

2017-03-18 Gateshead Leisure Centre Program Results

Northern Closed 2017

2017-09-30 & 2017-10-01 Stockton 2017-09-30 Judges&Officials V2

2017-09-30 Timetable V2

2017-09-30 Start List Panel 1
2017-09-30 Start List Panel 2
2017-09-30 Start List Panel 3

Information for computer recorders & chairs


2018 NDP Qualifier 1

2017-11-05 Wansbeck Leisure Centre Entry Form

Information for computer recorders & chairs

Timetable v2

Programme v2

Officials – Please note that ALL judges listed must have completed their revalidation. They are being checked and clubs will need to replace the judge or pay the fine if any non-revalidated judges have been submitted.


Note the NDP5 comment

Regional Schools 2017-2018

2017-11-26 Velocity, Marsh House Sports & Community Centre, TS233HB Entry Form  


Zonal Schools Entry Form

Please note that only the top 3 individuals and top 2 teams from the regional round can progress to the zonal round.

If you have qualified but do not intend to compete in the next round please let us know so we can offer the place to the next person/team.

2018 NDP Qualifier 2

2018-01-28 Velocity, Billingham, TS233HB Entry Form Results

2018 Team Finals Qualifier

2018-02-25 Penrith  Entry Form

2017-2018 Qualifiers


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