2019-2020 RTF Qualifier

2020-03-01PenrithOnly for those who have qualified Results

2019-2020 Zonal Schools

2020-01-26Walker Activity Dome, NE6 3BRResults

National finals info

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password: billing

2019-2020 NDP Qualifier 2

2020-02-09Bishop BarringtonPROVISIONAL results – the age groups of some competitors need to be confirmed. Scores for qualification will be unaffected.

2019-2020 Regional Schools



2019-2020 NDP Qualifier 1

All results in red are individuals whose qualification scores will be void unless the club arranged NEGA membership by 15th November.

2019 Northern Closed

2019-10-12 & 13AshingtonResults

2019 NDP RTF Qualifier

2019-03-03Penrith Results

2019 NDP Qualifier 2

2019-02-03BillinghamEntry Form


All NDP1 and above competitors are invited to have their range & conditioning routine assessed at this competition.


Regional Schools

2018-12-09Ashington Results – Regional Schools – 2018-12-09


The top three individuals and two teams qualify to the Zonal round. Zonal entry form below.

2019 Zonal schools PROGRAME.STARTLIST


2019 NDP Qualifier 1

2018-10-21Sunderland & BillinghamPlease note that this competition will be run across two venues. The intention is to hold DMT at Velocity, Billingham starting at 8am with trampolining at AAA Sports, Sunderland starting at 10am. These timings are subject to change depending on the number of entries.


All clubs are advised to read the updated structure and handbook on the BG website.


2018 Northern Closed

2018-09-29 & 30Stockton Northern Closed 2018 combined info v2


1810 Northerns Judges rev2

2018 Team Finals Qualifier

2018-02-25Penrith2017-2018 Qualifiers Results 


Leotard design

2018 NDP Qualifier 2

2018-01-28Velocity, Billingham, TS233HB Results

Regional Schools 2017-2018

2017-11-26Velocity, Marsh House Sports & Community Centre, TS233HB ResultsZonal Schools Entry Form


Please note that only the top 3 individuals and top 2 teams from the regional round can progress to the zonal round.

If you have qualified but do not intend to compete in the next round please let us know so we can offer the place to the next person/team.

2018 NDP Qualifier 1

2017-11-05Wansbeck Leisure CentreInformation for computer recorders & chairs


Timetable v2

Programme v2

Officials – Please note that ALL judges listed must have completed their revalidation. They are being checked and clubs will need to replace the judge or pay the fine if any non-revalidated judges have been submitted.



Note the NDP5 comment

Northern Closed 2017

2017-09-30 & 2017-10-01Stockton2017-09-30 Judges&Officials V2


2017-09-30 Timetable V2

2017-09-30 Start List Panel 1
2017-09-30 Start List Panel 2
2017-09-30 Start List Panel 3

Information for computer recorders & chairs


National Schools Finals

2017-03-18Gateshead Leisure CentreProgramResults

Team Finals Qualifier

2017-03-12Wansbeck LCTimetable
TRI & R&C v2

NDP Qualifier 2

2017-01-29Bishop Barrington School Results (xls)

Regional Schools 2016

2016-12-03Stockton Results (xls)Zonal schools entry form

NDP Qualifier 1

2016-11-06Wansbeck Results (xls)

Northern Closed 2016

2016-10-01 & 2016-10-02Stockton Results (xls)Photos (use password ‘joanne’)